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Vibration of Perceptions
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<div id="25846_kdub1">Internet or Girls, which is more important?</div> - Vibration of Perceptions
Thursday, September 01, 2005

Internet or Girls, which is more important?

With the ladies, you have to sacrifice the internet. Likewise,
With the internet, you have to sacrifice the ladies.

Let's say, you are in such a situation to choose one among the two. Which would you pick?

A gorgeous lady just approached me a minute ago seeking directions to the nearest computer printer. As I was in a hurry (to get to my room so that I can get online), I didn't bother to talk to her much, eventhough this is such a rare case of oppurtunity when such a lady showed some real interest (likewise).

This is the result of Internet Addiction. A decease I've been trying to fight ever since... I don't know. But it certainly is getting towards the lethal level, i.e. I could Die! It's much stronger than tobacco addiction, or maybe coffee. It might even be the same level as lethal drug addictions.

Now, diagnosis would include: a condition in which my attention shall be allocated towards a wider scope of generality and thus allowing me to come out clean. Situation such as above should help but apparently, the lady failed to lure me away from my computer. How sad is that?

A beautiful lady who had a wonderful friendly smile, failed to stop me at that. We could have stood there and talked more about stuff, possibly get her number. I could've given much more help than I had given, such as an escort to the nearest computer printer and step by step instructions on how to print.


Posted at 08:09 pm by Seige

Arman Tanzarian
May 7, 2007   10:57 AM PDT
One time, I met a girl who looked my way, smiled, and said "hi". I said "hi" back and then walked away because I was sure she would respect me more if I didn't hassle her. Now she has I would think, even greater respect for me since she's never seen me again.

I might just be the greatest guy you never met (or will meet).
March 2, 2006   09:19 PM PST
No, I haven't changed address. But I'm glad to see you again.
March 1, 2006   07:44 AM PST
heheh i can totally relate. not about the girls of course, but there was one time that i was writing something in my notebook when the guy sitting beside me asked me some questions, and i gave him one-word answers that were completely unfriendly. later i realized he was cute and hated myself for being so absorbed in writing... fan fiction. for the internet! :P

i haven't been to this blog in the longest time. i think you changed your address? anyway, thanks for still going to mine! :)

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