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Vibration of Perceptions
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<div id="73508_kdub1">Plain Text Editor (PTE) bugs and issues</div> - Vibration of Perceptions
Thursday, January 26, 2006

Plain Text Editor (PTE) bugs and issues

The plain text editor (PTE) on BlogDrive serves as an alternative for those who can't or just refuses to use WYSIWYG Editor, mainly due to browser issues, technicality or just plain stubbornness. It's useful as a backup tool in case there's a problem with the WYSIWYG.

Posting Date Issue

However, in the last couple of months there's been an increasing amount of complaint regarding the PTE post date problem. It appears that the post date automatically changes to the current date when a user edits a submitted entry. This only affects a small number of users but evidently the frustration of these people are heard.

"The Blogdrive teams regard this as a known issue and are currently working hard to fix it.
In the BlogDrive forum:
Dates of Edited Posts
Can't Change My 'Publish Date'

One of the user pointed out the "bug" for this problem, and it appears to have a very simple solution. If it's correct, I can write up the fix for this very quickly and problem solved. I think I should do just that.

Also, a tip from some unknown sources says this bug is there for a purpose: to help fight spam. It doesn't make much sense.

Other problems

Currently the PTE doesn't support a number of new features that came along with the new WYSIWYG editor. This includes the "Amazon Current things", "Smilies", and some upgraded account features such as "Extra Entry" and "Keywords".

Not Acceptable

The PTE is supposed to be an alternative for using the WYSIWYG editor, a backup. It should be much more reliable because it doesn't include fancy features that usually cauces bugs. Being less competent than the WYSIWYG editor is not an option really.


Overall, the PTE needs a major make over. I hope this is the only reason that's keeping the working PTE without a postdate issue from releasing. As this is the most frustrating of all.

On another note, "Du bist Deustchland" is still the highest search on Technorati for several days now. The Germans sure are excited about the World Cup, and me too.

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Posted at 04:29 pm by Seige

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