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Monday, March 13, 2006

BlogDrive Jumping on the Bandwagon

A few months ago, or rather one year ago we were seeing the quick boom of online social networking websites. First there was friendster, or some other companies like myspace, zorpia, hi5, ringo, facebook, bebo and many many others, I'm not even sure which one appear first but they all just sprung out of no where trying make their mark in the boom.

As far as I know, Friendster and Myspace are among the most popular social networking websites available. It is estimated that friendster may have over one billion users account, while Myspace claims they serve up to 10% of the entire internet's advertising. That's one very brave and bold statement to make.

In the past (in the web 1.0 period), there were different types of online community websites. They are mainly separated into several types: Blogs platforms, Social Networking, photo sharing/hostings, Music Sites, Forums. As each of these website develops, they started to attempt to synchronise each of these different types of websites into themselves. In the hope of gathering more users.

One of the very first social networking that did this was Zorpia, where many of it's ideas came from developing a photo sharing community, and Xanga (a journal type website) and social networking (friendster based). Not long after the idea became realise as a brilliant way of providing more features to their users and extending their userbase, Friendster acquired typepad (blog software) as their default bloggint tool. Myspace choose to develop their own blogging feature as well.

These are the big giants in the pioneering business of the new way of life.

The bigger giants started to jump in the bandwagon, Google acquired BlogSpot, Yahoo did 360 and MSN did MSN Spaces.

So what we'll be expecting to see in the very near future is a portal based on a combination of these:

Blogs + Social Networking + Photo/Music/Video sharing + Instant Messenger + Forums.

Of course, the giants that have the bigger advantage over other
companies in the long run due to their wide IM userbase, such as
Google, Yahoo and MSN.


In the way the direction of internet business is going, it makes sense
that BD will probably be introducing more features to satisfy their
users needs. Such as music hosting, video, networking, personal
profiles and many more. It has been revealed, somewhat that videos are coming out? And that they are researching on Myspace, going into networking kinda thing.

We'll be expecting to see new features on Blogdrive. How soon I don't know but I'm excited to see the new features.

Hopefully we'll get to see some Personal Messaging thingy too.

Read about Hungry Media Companies find a Media Menu for websites to buy.

Next entry: How Friendster succeed in their business model and why?

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Posted at 06:14 am by Seige

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