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<div id="62359_kdub1">Will Blogdrive be bought up by Media Giants?</div> - Vibration of Perceptions
Monday, March 13, 2006

Will Blogdrive be bought up by Media Giants?

In the previous year, we see lots of small startup or small companies being bought up by big media giants to be key players in their industrial roles. Sites such as blogspot being acquired by Google and hotmail acquired by Microsoft.

Not that I want BD to be sold to other parties, but it's an interesting speculation.

Here's an interesting read on what Hungry Media giants are looking for in small companies:

Also of interest are sites that allow people to play casual interactive games; store, send, manipulate and print photos; build and store blogs; and research and shop for big-ticket items like cars. Also eliciting interest are "next generation" Web sites, like those focused on allowing people to search the universe of blogs more effectively.

The media companies' interest has to do with the continuing shift in the ways Americans consume entertainment and shop. Just as the advent of cable television carved up a once-concentrated block of network TV viewers, so has the Internet with its literally millions of Web sites created highly fragmented niche audiences.

For big companies, the key is to build or buy Web sites that attract those niche audiences, but in substantial numbers. For a Web site to pique the interest of mass-market advertisers, it needs to have at least a million unique visitors a month; to be considered a major takeover candidate, it needs to have five million unique visitors, said Sharon Wienbar, a managing director with BA Venture Partners, a Silicon Valley venture firm that invests in Internet content companies.

Note: Photobucket was mentioned in the article. Seems like Photobucket's most valueable asset it's their user base.

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Posted at 08:57 pm by Seige

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