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Vibration of Perceptions
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<div id="66378_kdub1">Referer.org blocked by Blogdrive?</div> - Vibration of Perceptions
Monday, March 20, 2006

Referer.org blocked by Blogdrive?

The last couple of weeks I see an increased amount of contact forms asking for advices on useless and a-waste-of-time stuff. Well, it's rude to say that but when you get questions that can be answered if the question-er knows where to look for answers instead of asking.

Sad. Isn't it?

Don't get me wrong. I actually LOVE to receive contact forms, doesn't everybody? It's always such a merry thing to see a contact form. Besides, it's the best way to know what people are thinking about your site. And it also tells you of any bugs that's been floating around. Tongue

One of the messages I received was regarding Azwani. She complains (everybody complains) that the Referer.org script she implemented on her site isn't working. She provided a very good follow up of what she did:
1) contacted Referer.org
2) got a reply from Referer.org
3) contacted Blogdrive.com
4) no reply from Blogdrive.com (not surprised)

Anyway, the responce she get from referer.org is pretty amazing. The team told her that her script, despite being inserted correctly, isn't being indexed by their spider bot. They (Referer.org) claim that Blogdrive.com has filtered the script out of the source code.

Damn, that's one very bold statement to make coming from Referer.org.

But anyway, I took a look at the site and found that it's somewhat true. Their mirror page did not actually showed a filtered version of her blog, rather it's showing a 404 page.

Now, there's only two explanation to this scenario:
1) Referer.org hasn't updated their database with the Azwani's blog, Or,
2) Blogdrive have set the 404 page to turn up when it's being queried by Referer.org

Could it be true? I have no idea but I do know that the BD admin did mention about some third party websites spidering their pages taking up bandwidth. Makes sense but why block them?

Or, I could be entirely wrong because I overlooked certain things. What do you think?

Reference: Referer.org,
Tags: referer.org, blogdrive, javascript, spider, internet, robots,

Posted at 06:14 pm by Seige

March 22, 2006   02:07 AM PST
well, all I can tell you is don't use the referer.org service. They are a third party service leaching from other services. I don't know if they insert any malicious scripts into your blog.

I also don't know why they need a mirror of your blog as the process of retrieving refereral results doesn't need a mirror at all.

Dodgy I tell you. Not blogdrive but referer.org

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