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Vibration of Perceptions
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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dating Ricardo

This isn't exactly what I used to talk about but I feel that this series of weird events and coincidental is just too bizarre not to blog about. I hope everyone is reading and will be very kind in give me some advices and comments.

These series of bizarrely weird and freak coincidence is so special that I've never came across in a romance book, novel or movies. As far as the topic of dating goes, I can almost always learn something from other people as each occurance tend to repeate it self in the same pattern yet different combinations.

And as the title suggest, it all revolves around this mysterious Italian guy named Ricardo. I, from now on will start using the terminology "Dating Ricardo" as to describe a series of bizarrely weird coincidence in the most unusual way.

When I say the MOST unusual way, I mean it.

Let's start with a little background on my "dating" history, dated back to ... October 2005.

Semester just started and I met this pretty Taiwanese Girl (TG). Started seeing her for a bit for minor events such as late night supper and eventually we went out clubbing together. She's a lovely girl, very smart and she's currently doing her PhD. (Note: boobs and brains) Many times, part of our conversation she mentioned this italian guy (Ricardo) she was seeing a while back. Apparently things didn't work out between them so end of story. For me, of course it bites (whether or not it's jealousy) although I wasn't very interested in their story. Things didn't work out between us and we never met again.

That's girl number one, TG.

In between the second and third girl (story coming up), I've met up with several other girls, mostly Europeans. And through these friends I met second girl (Austrian Girl AG) and (French Girl FG).

Second girl AG is from Vienna doing her final year in Business management. She's hot and attractive, wonderful personality, love dancing. I meet her a lot, for dinner/clubbing/movies/travelling anything you name it. She's very ambitious, intelligent and full of self confidence. I met her around December from a good friend of mine. We didn't start going out until early February. As you have already known, just before we started to meet often she was going out with (you guessed) Ricardo. She didn't want to talk about it but it was a revealed by one of her flatmates by accident. From what I can guess, it didn't work out and so...

I've not met this mysteriously amazingly attractive guy. Until AG introduced him to me, we had a very short and brief conversation and never met again. However, stories about him never ceased to stop coming.

The story about the French girl (FG) is a bit different, instead of having met Ricardo first, she met me first unlike the others. Let me tell you this, there's no other girls I've met who can compete against her hotness. She is very attractive yet very good at hiding it. We share many common interest and I literally "fell-in-love" with her the first time I met her. Maybe it's a french thing. We got along well and she
even invited me to several outings including the Bridge Water Hall concert just us. I've never actually dated FG but I would consider that I'm in a pretty good position should there be an oppurtunity. She's literally perfect, she's a flutist plays in the orchestra, sings in the choir, enjoys theatre and plays. (but she has a boyfriend in France)

Just yesterday, after not meeting with her for nearly a month. I called her asking how is she? How's stuff and the usual simple things. She said she was happily with her boyfriend. not the one from France but from Italy. Right, you guessed it, he is called Ricardo.

All these girls, TG, AG, and FG are intelligently beautiful international girls. They are not sluts who flirts around or sleep around. The kind who know what they want in life. What's more, they never met each other.

Back to the story, my house currently have one empty room and I've been spreading words around to friends asking if anybody is interested in living in a house. One of the guys that came to see the house, is currently staying with Ricardo.

Right, how many more coincidence can I come up with? I've never met this italian guy (okay, only once). He's dated all these girls.

In summary, three girls that I've dated to a certain extent has had a history with him. And one is currently with him.

In case you are asking some question, here's the quick answer:
- There's only one Ricardo studying PhD in NeuroScience in the whole of Manchester, I've checked.
- All of these girls I meet, never met each other.
- Our circle of friends aren't the same and not very big either.

This has been bothering me, as some of you might have already known. I felt a bit betrayed or maybe jealous. And I can't see why is it that I've never met him yet he knows who I know.

Could it be, that he is similar to me?
Could it be, that he is really just a nice guy?
Someone said I should meet Ricardo.

Like I said, I've never came across such a coincidence. Words of comfort are very welcomed. I just can't understand how things turn out like this.

Please help me here people. I know this is such a rare type of event.

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Posted at 08:23 pm by Seige

April 6, 2006   06:04 PM PDT
yeah right. hahahaaha
April 6, 2006   03:31 PM PDT
hm...you guys are destined to be together?hehehehehhehe..gay..hehehehhehe
April 5, 2006   02:49 PM PDT
Aww. Seige. :)
April 4, 2006   02:51 PM PDT
mmmqx: I think it's creepy ... quite very creepy.

Yeah, although we went to the same uni but it's a very huge uni. Not possible that everyone knows everybody.

Besides, fabulous girls doesn't mean everyone will fancy. Nor be close to ... not like how close I am to them. Not everyone are capable of comprehending such bizarrity.

Sigh... sad story it is.
April 4, 2006   02:48 PM PDT
Thanks, Deirdre... You've been really helpful all this while. Love you!
April 4, 2006   08:04 AM PDT
that is so cool! a little creepy, but cool nonetheless. like something out of a movie. well i guess sometimes reality IS stranger than fiction. i don't understand that much what the problem is, though. i mean, why are you worried?
probably you and ricardo like the same type of girls, (and if the girls are as fabulous as you describe them, then it's not hard to believe), and if you think they like you too to some extent, then most probably you and ricardo have a lot of similarities. if you and he go to the same university, then it's not that big of a coincidence that you would know the same people and not know each other (there's a person i met just last year, but i found out we've had the same friends for like 3 years, and even went to the same parties but never met then).

of course, the sci-fi/fantasy fan in me would say that perhaps you and ricardo share the same fate and are destined to find the magical sword that will bring about world peace, and it is through the knowledge you've acquired from the three godesses of the Earth (hence their multi-nationalities) that you will know how to wield the weapons of nature and all that stuff, but no one believes in magic anymore. nor fate. *sigh*
April 3, 2006   05:49 PM PDT
We spoke a bit about this in messenger a few days ago and I still don't have any real logical answers for you.

I hope you make some sense of this to suit you soon. I know how much it's driving you crazy.

April 3, 2006   02:50 PM PDT
Thanks kaya. But I don't believe in coincidence that much, to a certain extend yes but not so much. There must be something else connecting us.

There must be some form of explanation other than coincidence.
April 3, 2006   02:28 PM PDT
dude..there's nothing to worry about..or panic about..its just a coincidence..
if you're curious as it is..meet tt guy..i mean..there's no harm in tt right? you could probably have your questions answered then..relax..dont get so worked up aight?..

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