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<div id="40511_kdub1">Why Blogdrive was down again?</div> - Vibration of Perceptions
Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Why Blogdrive was down again?

As everyone can tell, the downtime for our favourite blog host has just occured. Cause of downtime is of course unknown, it's top secret (Blogdrive will have to kill you(in secret) if you figure it out the secret, it's bad for publicity)

There has been a HUGE, I mean it HUGE voice of anger in the Blogdrive forum. And not a single response from Blogdrive themselves.

The frequency of downtime is occuring more and more frequent compared to a few years back. Here are some of the most popular reasons given by Blogdrive whenever there's a down time:

1) Hurricane, this is an annual event and it doesn't just occur once a year but several. Whenever lighting strike, when the storms are strong, one of the internet router will *boom* and so there goes the 30,000 other Blogdrive blogs. This is far worst than a woman's PMS.

2) Upgrading server (or software), I'm not sure what its updating really. Whenever it say upgrading server, I hardly ever see any new features that comes with it either. Well, maybe sometimes (like the comment spam protection) although the down time could be of entirely different reason.

3) DoS attacks. Oooh... I absolutely hate it when these hackers have nothing better to do and choose to launch an attack on Blogdrive. Come on, why would anybody want to harm Blogdrive, there's 30 thousand innocent souls at stake. Say no to War on Iraq!

4) Spammer steals bandwidth. Yeah, these dirty bastard who are trying to make a quick buck on pharmaceutical products and pornography "steal" bandwidth. How? Erm... I don't know... I just know that it caused down time here on Blogdrive. (oh, really?)

5) Seige's Fault. It's all my fault. I didn't meant it. I didn't want anybody to get hurt but because the toilet isn't working I had to find an alternative target to satisfy my "nature calls". All this downtime is caused by waiting for the server drying up and for the toilet pump to be fixed. Disaster eh?

(In case you haven't realise, number five is totally made up and I've never actually seen the server before. Accept for a sexy picture of it here.)

Oh, and don't ask me why on earth update.blogdrive.com wasn't updated with any news about the downtime. All I know is that if you found out why Blogdrive was down, you'd better watch out because you might be murdered in a tragic death where all your body parts are broken into pieces and thrown into the river with no trace at all.

What was I on again? Right, WHY wasn't update.blogdrive.com UPDATED?

Tags: blogdrive, server, forum, downtime,

Posted at 12:38 am by Seige

May 12, 2009   03:08 PM PDT
BD seems to be a very strong platform now :) I'm very very happy to be back here as a blogger!
May 31, 2006   04:54 AM PDT
hey seige, thx for the info but its so frustrating!! i mean, why isnt the forum even down...i hope they'll do something otherwise i'll consider switching to blogspot. i don't think they're doing anything positive to the servers coz its been going on for helluva long time!!!!
May 31, 2006   03:38 AM PDT
Hmm... maybe we should set up a fund raising campaign for a new server! :p hahaha
May 30, 2006   12:49 PM PDT
:D I remember the old days when doing stuff on Blogdrive was so fast! Now it takes so long to load things, they might need a new server ... now just think how much that is going to cost.
May 25, 2006   02:17 AM PDT
hi seige! so sorry i forgot to tag on your board. T_T i didn't want to change my url, but due to unavoidable circumstances (http://m-m-m-q-x.blogdrive.com/archive/183.html) i did. and now, someone else has taken http://mmmqx.blogdrive.com. T_T how'd you find my page, btw? i'm so glad you still read it. thanks!! XD i miss your comments a lot. :)
May 24, 2006   07:22 PM PDT

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