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<div id="34887_kdub1">Lucky yet Unhappy Me</div> - Vibration of Perceptions
Sunday, April 09, 2006

Lucky yet Unhappy Me

(warning: self bragging entry)

I'm a very lucky guy I must admit. Everytime I go out, either clubbing (everyday for the last eight days), drinking, site seeing,  I'm always surrounded by gorgeous girls friends and every dude around would just be watching me with admiring eyes.

They'll ask, "What's this guy have that I don't have? He is just so regular. Short. Skinny. No money. Dance like a stripper. He must be gay. Girls love gays."

Yeah, I'm just a regular guy. Wrong. HAHA (But I'm not gay)

You see, these are my friends. Although they are girls. Gorgeous. Eye catching. Sexy. Smart. Intelligent. They are nonetheless, my friends. Some of them are even my closest friends.

There was AG, FG, TG that I mentioned before, then there's AG2, GG (german), GG2, GG3, GG4, GG5... (wait, was there really so many German girls?), MG (mexican), MG2, FG2, FG3... (ooo...) I feel sorry for the Mancunian Slappers.

Anyway, it doesn't matter how many girlfriends I have. I'm not happy at all. None of them are my partner. None of them like a romantic relationship with me. None of them feel sexually attracted to me.

We do flirt but flirting is just a game. It's just for fun and there's really no lead into where it is going. Sigh...

It's not that I want more. It's just that I started to feeling lonely.

Then again, it's better to stay friends than being in a relationship. I get more (girls), for less (commitment). Besides, we care for each other like good friends do. Isn't that supposed to be good?

Tags: Girls, Austrian, French, German, Taiwan, Mexican,

Posted at 03:34 am by Seige
What do you perceive?

<div id="35723_kdub1">It's just a Flirting Game!</div> - Vibration of Perceptions
Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's just a Flirting Game!

Don't get too caught up in it. This is just one of the most over-used advice I give to myself and yet, I still fell into the trap. Haha.

Thanks Soul-D. It helped with all those nasty arguments we had.

Posted at 05:57 pm by Seige
What do you perceive?

<div id="30196_kdub1">Windows Live Mail Beta Cancellations</div> - Vibration of Perceptions
Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Windows Live Mail Beta Cancellations

Many people come to this blog due to my previous entry wanting to find out how to cancel Windows Live Mail beta.

Why would anybody want to switch back, you ask?
Well, I guess that very question speaks for itself. Livemail needs to put more work into making it more user-friendly.

Here's how to switch back to regular hotmail interface:
1) Log into your Hotmail account,
2) Go to Options. You can find it on the top right hand corner.

3) At the bottom you'll see "Beta opt-out", Click on it.

4) By opting out, you'll revert back to your original Hotmail account and basic features.

There you go. It's not too difficult, is it?

Tags: Windows, Live Mail, Beta, Hotmail, Gmail, Microsoft, Google,

Posted at 07:08 pm by Seige
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<div id="51332_kdub1">BlogDrive Search Features</div> - Vibration of Perceptions

BlogDrive Search Features

There might be something really major going on in the background of Blogdrive because several features aren't working at the moment. This includes the just recently discovered problem with the search feature.

There are two types of search feature within Blogdrive:
1) Search Entries - which is available to all Blogdrive users including free accounts. It can be accessed from within the blog admin area.
2) Visitor Site Search - which is only available to Blue Steel (plan 3) subscriber and it can be accessed from the main page of your blog.

Just very recently, some interesting changes have been observed by Gloria and myself. We both uses free blogdrive accounts (this blog is on a free account)

1) Both of the search feature no longer search for keywords within entry bodies.
2) Both of the search feature only search for keywords within entry titles.
3) Visitor Site Search works on Free accounts too. Try this: Blogdrive.

Weird? Weird indeed.

Well, I hope something nice is coming up soon. And I suspect we'll be suffering one more "Upgrading Server" situation to implement these new upgrades.

Tags: Blogdrive, Search, Features,

Posted at 06:49 pm by Seige
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