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<div id="71987_kdub1">Google Analytics Invitation Code</div> - Vibration of Perceptions
Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google Analytics Invitation Code

Yeah, I have one extra. Anybody need one?

What is Google Analytics? Check it out yourself, if you think you want to give it a try. Contact me.

Oh, and fast.

Posted at 02:30 am by Seige
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<div id="53492_kdub1">I need to go to the toilet</div> - Vibration of Perceptions

I need to go to the toilet

"I need to go to the toilet, will you wait for me here?"

Whenever a girl say that to you while you are having a wonderful chat, it spells a red traffic light sign. Even if she asked you to wait for her.

I don't know where this comes from but it's a way they try to be polite at rejecting any further flirting intentions. For whatever reasons, like you are not her type or just a lousy flirt.

Either way, to clean this up you either move on, or when she returns change the topic to something lighter. When she gets to know you better she might change her mind.

Tags: dating, toilet, polite, excuse,

Posted at 12:09 am by Seige
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<div id="96770_kdub1">Who's the Idiot?</div> - Vibration of Perceptions
Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who's the Idiot?

I went to pick her up from the station, went back to her place and I started making dinner in the kitchen. It wasn't exactly anything fancy but it was okay. We talked, argued, laughed and talked more about random things. She talks about her trip, while I talked about my PhD course consideration.

After dinner, we went to her room. Had wine, some light music and we talked more. She suggested we have some popcorns despite not having any movies. That's fine nonetheless.

She said she likes the flowers I bought and she went to turn off the ceiling lights leaving just the (orange) table light and basin lights. It was perfect. A box of chocolate came out of no where and it quickly disappeared just as the wine did.

It was perfect. Music, lightings, drinks, dinner, desserts. Everything, she was sitting sexily on the bed looking back at me. And me at her.

She was tired from the trip, I can tell. I looked at the time and said, "I should leave now," Picked up my stuff and left.

Now, who's the idiot?

Tags: idiot,

Posted at 02:58 pm by Seige
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<div id="47175_kdub1">Beautiful ClustrMaps</div> - Vibration of Perceptions

Beautiful ClustrMaps

Posted at 10:25 am by Seige
What do you perceive?

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