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<div id="87733_kdub1">Six reasons why StudioTraffic was a Success! Make money online, HAH!</div> - Vibration of Perceptions
Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Six reasons why StudioTraffic was a Success! Make money online, HAH!

A little more than a year ago I made an entry about Studio Traffic, about how such business have no solid base and can't make no money. Today, I just found out that the website itself dissappeared and turned into something called myFileHut.com that offers free image and file hosting. How oddly obvious?

Curiosity and procrastination has brought me into Googling the latest news. Secretly laughing out loud inside repeating "Told you so". So anyway, I digged up some rather interesting news (and somewhat odd).

For those of you who doesn't know what StudioTraffic is, here are some quick links.
http://www.studiotraffic.co.uk/ - A Uk website with some pretty good coverage of the aftermaths.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Studiotraffic - A pretty messy explanation, loads of grammars mistake as if it was done by some pretty unstable members of Studiotraffic who had their money stolen.
http://www.answers.com/topic/studiotraffic - A very good overview of the whole StudioTraffic. You should read this if you have no idea what I'm talking about until now.

Doing a trend-region study on Google return this interesting details. It appears South East Asian countries are the worst hit.

I don't know how to say this, but really. How can anybody be so stupid? I know I've probably asked this more than a million times, but I can only think of these:

1) Making money online is so COOL. - It's easy and you don't even have to leave your house. You can even make money in your underwear.

2) The so-called "John Horan" was very CONVINCING. - Okay, I got to admit to this one because I actually took the effort to study it's business model after reading his writings. He has a way of selling himself that even my mom would buy without second thoughts.

3) They don't know how to do MATHS. - The only reason I didn't believe this "scam" has everything to do with my mathematical ability and has totally nothing to do with my common sense and/or instincts (which I'm terrible at). As mentioned in my blog entry a year ago, I calculated using complex calculations (brag) and advanced numbering series (brag) along with Euler's partial differential equation (brag)  the amounts of money involved in this business structure (brag) and it's flow patterns (brag). And then I compared them to what "John Horan" has said, it didn't made any sense at all. See, Maths is for love and not hate.

4) Strong StudioTraffic SUPPORTERS all over the Internet. - this has to be one of the most fascinating thing that I've ever come across (I'm still very impressed). A big supporter / fan / cheerleader club for a SCAM website. Anybody who initially regard it as a scam would believe it's real if so many people are defending it. It goes with the saying: "If everybody believes it, it's bound to be true!" It's like religion.

That's it, its' a religion.

5) The power of WORD of MOUTH. - "John Horan" obviously played the game very well, I'm not entirely sure how but I've received many recommendations from friends and relatives. They came to me only to be dissappointed when I told them it's a scam (having to explain with graphs and diagrams (brag)). I think this says a lot about building a network-based business. See, POWER of Networking!
6) They are Young, Naive and Ambitious. - As opposed to old, lonely and seeking attention. I might be wrong here but I'm pretty sure nobody will easily believe this form of scam again.

Well, I guess the supporter (part 4) can be reasoned by people who have actually "invested" some money and really can't bare to realise that they have been cheated. It becomes a sensitive issue and they form a cult-like army.

I know whatever I say here may potentially offend many especially those who have been faithful to the programme. I can't help but feel sorry for them (and writing this entry). A little community service brought to you by me.

Tags: studiotraffic, studio traffic, scams, ponzi scheme, make money online,

Posted at 06:09 pm by Seige
What do you perceive?

<div id="15368_kdub1">Blogdrive: Before and After</div> - Vibration of Perceptions

Blogdrive: Before and After

Before After
Year 2003, it was the best thing that happened to our tiny little existance.

It was user-friendly, great features, wonderful customer services, almost no down time.

It was ranked one of the top five blogging services around.
Today, we are back to tiny little, almost non-existing creature.

Bugs are flying everywhere, spammers constant attack, poor customer service, downtime all the time (hey, it rhymes).

Not even considered for ranking.

So people, tell me what exactly is wrong here?

Posted at 10:27 am by Seige
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<div id="72935_kdub1">CBG Speaks</div> - Vibration of Perceptions
Saturday, June 03, 2006

CBG Speaks

The Cool Blogdrive Guy (one of the two Blogdrive admin) speaks in responce to a member's complain in the forum. Read the complain first.

Blogdrive has tortured me enough. I've been a customer for one year and I'm actively looking for other options. This is the third unannounced outage and unresponded to help tickets in less than 2 weeks. Even when it's "working" it takes over an hour to make one post due to crashes. I've had the patience of a saint, hoping and praying. Yet, Blogdrive appears to be flatlining. I've simply had enough. I'm not going to waste my time even commenting much more. It's time to get serious and find a host that is ready for prime time and living in the real world. I feel foolish for even giving my business to this company. Maybe, instead of Yahoo buying Blogdrive, we should see if Toys R Us would be willing to take over. Or maybe the Salvation Army. Message to Helpee: I get the sense that you're trying to help, that you want to help, but that you just can't help. People need a blog host to have things that work and it's simply not working. It's very sad, but it is just not working. It's not. If I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, that would be lovely. But, all I see are the pleas of my fellow members virtually begging for improvements to the pathetic levels of outages. Is everyone familiar with the oft-quoted definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That's really what staying on as a Blogdrive customer equals: insanity.

And here is his reply:

Hi Rich, I feel your pain. Any unexpected outages have been just that, unexpected. Earlier today there was a flood attack on the servers. The unusually high utilization caused a database error which propagated to the other servers. It took some time to correct it across all the servers, but all is well now with no data loss. We are now looking at implementing new measures to help protect against this type of scenario.

Most of the other "outages" you experienced before are do to spammers or spiders causing DOS attacks. We have been in the process of both a data center move and network overhaul to better supply us with the network capability and bandwidth necessary to handle these situations better. unfortunately do to the scale of both projects it is taking some time to complete.

I can't say it says a lot, but it certainly keeps the member's mouth shut for the moment. Let's see for how long.

blogdrive, customer service

Posted at 05:57 pm by Seige
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<div id="56237_kdub1">Blogger introduce RSS feeds</div> - Vibration of Perceptions
Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blogger introduce RSS feeds

I just learned that Blogspot introduced RSS feed, just very recently. It seems odd seeing they already have ATOM feeds, why all of a sudden introducing RSS? Besides, RSS version are older than Atom, its going to be obsolete sooner than Atom. So why are they releasing RSS then?

Also, it appears that RSS list the last 25 updated items, which is different from their Atom feature because unlike their RSS, they only list the selected number of post you on the front page. Weird, why the disimiliarity.

Lucky for us, Blogdrive have long been supporting both RSS and ATOM. And Blogdrive displays a reasonable number of items (10).

However I do hope that Blogdrive will introduce some RSS features such as editing options (HTML) or whether we can publish full or partial feed... I've included this in the forum topic asking for more features.

Posted at 04:32 am by Seige
What do you perceive?

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